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Regular Board of Supervisors Meeting Board of Supervisors  
Meeting Date: 12/15/2015  
Transfer of Tax Deed Parcel on James Ranch Road to City of Douglas
Submitted By: Britt Hanson, County Attorney
Department: County Attorney  
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Britt Hanson TITLE
Chief Civil Deputy, CAO
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Agenda Item Text:
Approve transfer of five acre parcel 408-34-008 on James Ranch Road to the City of Douglas Pursuant to A.R.S. § 42-18303(E).
In February, 2015, a ten acre parcel on James Ranch Road, Tax Parcel # 408-34-008, was deeded by the County Treasurer to the State for failure to pay taxes for over 5 years. This parcel is located on the Arizona-Mexico border and is adjacent to James Ranch Road.
The City of Douglas has been exploring a route for a new port of entry, and has been focusing on a route that would use James Ranch Road to access Highway 80 on the Arizona side of the port.  The City is thus interested in acquiring the subject parcel for possible right-of-way for access from the port of entry to Highway 80.

Pursuant to A.R.S. § 42-18303, the County ordinarily auctions parcels deeded to the State for failure to pay taxes.  However, pursuant to § 42-18303(E), as an exception, the County can transfer such a parcel to a city "for a public purpose related to transportation."  Given the City's potential use of this parcel for right-of-way, this parcel qualifies for a transfer pursuant to subsection E.

Accordingly, staff has recommended transfer of half of the parcel--5 acres adjacent to James Ranch Road--to the City of Douglas.  The other half will be separately auctioned.  Highways Right-of-Way Agent Terry Couchenour has prepared the legal description splitting the parcel into two separate 5 acre parcels.
Department's Next Steps (if approved):
Execute a deed for the 5 acre parcel.  Later, at a time and date to be determined, auction the other half of the tax parcel.
Impact of NOT Approving/Alternatives:
The City of Douglas would not have this parcel to use as right-of-way for access from a future port of entry to Highway 80 along James Ranch Road.
To BOS Staff: Document Disposition/Follow-Up:
Have the Chair execute the draft deed and record it, then ensure that the recorded deed is sent to the City of Douglas through the City Clerk with notice to City Manager Carlos de la Torre.

Deed - James Ranch Road

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