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Regular Board of Supervisors Meeting Facilities  
Meeting Date: 12/15/2015  
Southwest Hazard Control for Mold Abatement in Douglas Service Center
Submitted By: Arlethe Rios, Board of Supervisors
Department: Facilities  
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Ruben Miranda TITLE
Internal Services Administrator
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Ratify professional services from Southwest Hazard Control company for mold abatement at the Douglas Regional Service Center in the amount of $57,496.60.
On 11-10-2015, Facilities received multiple complaints from county employees at the Douglas Regional Service Center that there was a strong odor of Methane/Hydrogen Sulfide Gas present in the whole building; it smelled like there was a raw sewer leak somewhere. Employees were also reporting headaches and dizziness, etc.

Hal and I went to the Douglas Service Center on 11-17-15 and met with Stan Maxam from Southwest Hazard Controls & Environmental Services.
Stan ran air samples in five areas of concern in the basement, in the CCSO front office and  in the Health Department.

There were definite visible signs of mold being present in the basement, not sure how long. We found no visible sewer leaks in the building. We did find the strongest sewer smell was in the air intake/chiller room in the basement where the chillers are and where the whole building get its heating and a/c. The chiller room gets its supposed “fresh” air from the basement, which has no visible signs where fresh air can come into the basement to feed the air intake/chiller room. We also found two chiller blow-off overflow lines that drain into the wet drains in the air intake/chiller room that were emitting a raw sewage smell into the air intake/chiller room which.

We called the City of Douglas to have them come and pull the man hole covers around the center and clean out all of their sewer lines connected to the center.

There was some sewage back up and or blockages from the service center to the city’s sewer ponds. After the clean out was performed by the City of Douglas the sewer smell dissipated from the building.

On 11-20-15 we received the air quality results from Southwest Hazard Control’s.
A total of eight samples were taken, the first four samples in the basement had fairly high mold spore counts and high debris loading. Sample five was from the Health Department Office. The sample was very low in mold spore counts and very low in debris loading. Sample six was from the Sheriff’s Department, the sample was fairly low in mold spore counts and low in debris loading. Sample seven was from the Justice Courts Office, the sample was fairly low in mold spore counts and low in debris loading. Sample eight was from the outdoors. 
Based on their visual inspection and laboratory air quality test results, and the fact that the basement serves as the fresh air make up for the building, SHC recommended that the northwest portion of the basement be sealed off from the remainder of the basement as soon as possible. Facilities sealed off the referenced area that afternoon. The northwest portion of the basement is a health and safety issue  which needs to be remediated by a qualified company who specializes in mold remediation as soon as possible.
After the abatement is completed, it is recommended that the building air handling system be re-evaluated for proper design and operation.
Department's Next Steps (if approved):
The services are underway with an estimated time of completion of January 1, 2016.
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