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Regular Board of Supervisors Meeting Health & Social Services            
Meeting Date: 11/14/2017  
Child Care Health Consultants
Submitted By: Briggita Hodges, Health & Social Services
Department: Health & Social Services
Presentation: No A/V Presentation
Recommendation: Approve
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Maureen Kappler TITLE
Public Health Nurse
Mandated Function?: Not Mandated
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Agenda Item Text:
Accept the Legacy Foundation Funding of $2,000 for all costs associated with Ms. Bonnie Bazata's Presentation on Ending Poverty.
Bonnie Bazata presented at a First Things First Conference in Phoenix in May of 2017.   The CCHCs who attended felt that the strategies she presented to build bridges out of poverty (to end the war on poverty) to understand the role of excellent nutrition to developing brains of infants and children; and to increase interactions with children to close the 3-million-word gap that leaves children unable to have successful school careers, should be shared with early childhood educators. Our budget (226) had already been submitted and did not cover this large undertaking, so the Legacy Foundation offered support to this endeavor.
Department's Next Steps (if approved):
Your approvals are respectfully requested. Legacy Foundation has already submitted a $2000.00 check to Cochise County Government this will reimburse the above stated items  related to hosting an out of town presenter who worked Friday evening and Saturday morning with us to provide Cochise County relevant information free to the public. The goal of First Things First in Cochise County is to increase quality of childcare in the 0 to 5 year old population, ensure a successful transition to Kindergarten and the health and safety of children in this age group.  The other very important tie-in with this presentation is that it also addresses Goal #2, improving the economy of Cochise County and increasing job growth, which her strategies address.
Impact of NOT Approving/Alternatives:
  The presentation was October 28, 2017.  If all the funds have to come out of #226, we will not be able to purchase some much needed equipment (eye vision screening that comes to about $7,000)  and will not be able to provide required CCHC visits to Willcox and Benson child care facilities and pre-schools.    
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The Legacy Foundation of Southern Arizona as well as Buena waiving half the fee for IT, maintenance on a Saturday morning.  No net county subsidy.

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