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Meeting Date: 07/10/2018  
US Forest Service at BDI lease ammendment
Department: Facilities
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Recommendation: Approve
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Jay Howe TITLE
Facilities Director
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Agenda Item Text:
Approve the General Services Administration (GSA) lease Amendment No. 127EAB05L0502PLA15 for the US Forest Service (Helitack) at BDI (annual Consumer Price Index adjustment) in the amount of $15,056.65 with $1,254.72 monthly payment, effective June 1, 2018 through May 31, 2019. 
The U.S. Forest Service has been leasing this space since 2005, and has approved annual lease amendments to make rent adjustments per the contract and the Consumer Price Index.  This amendment will be in effect through May 31 2019.
Department's Next Steps (if approved):
 Facilities will forward the approved and signed lease amendment for signature to Lorrie Evans, Lease Contracting Officer Region 3 US Forest Service
Impact of NOT Approving/Alternatives:
 If not approved, the lease amount will remain the same and we will be operating without a lease contract.
To BOS Staff: Document Disposition/Follow-Up:
Please send 2 copies of signed original to:  
Lorrie Evans
Leasing Officer, Region 3 US Forest Service
Buying Team Leader, Incident Support
2324 E. McDowell Road
Phoenix, AZ  85006

US Forest lease